Monitors´ experiences


"This has been an excellent experience for me and I feel grateful to have been given this fantastic opportunity. As I cannot speak the local language, I have found the experience challenging at times but has made me realise the importance of body language and gestures in communication. I would like to highlight our opportunity that we got to explore the Basque Country. I taught 7-8 year olds and for the most part had a positive and open relationship with them. Sometimes, it was challenging to motivate the students but with encourage ment we were enabled to do so." Niamh McGroarty - Enjoy English 2019-

"It was my first experience working for Enjoy English and was overall very happy with the time spent on the course. The course provided me with valuable teaching skills, which will be useful as I intend to complete a CELTA teaching qualification course in September." -Harry Ball -Enjoy English 2018-

"The Enjoy English experience for me has been truly memorable. I have made some lifelong friends that completed the journey alongside me. At first, I was very anxious about teaching English to children in a foreign country. However, my co-ordinator instantly put me at ease by helping me and guiding me into having the experience of a lifetime! The programme and living with a Basque family instantly immersed me into the Basque culture, one in which I now know lost about. I enjoyed spending me free time travelling around the Basuqe country and meeting up with other monitors from Enjoy English. I taught children age 6-8 and they were very enthusiastic and welcoming. The children were always energetic and ready to learn. Overall, the programme has been outstanding and I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys working with children!"  - Ashley Nelson -Enjoy English 2018-

"I have had an amazing time with the B group. They have been great fun and always willing to engage if not with the activity then with me! The program was a fantastic opportunity and I would definitely recommend Enjoy English!” Georgina Finch –Enjoy English 2015-

"I taught 11 7 year olds in a beautiful town called Durango. Teaching English was intense and a task that I threw myself into. It was difficult at first to engage with the students but after the first few days, we all settled and they became accustomed to my presence in the classroom. Pretending not to understand spanish was also a difficult task but it helped to force the students to use english to explain. After the first two days, my students were motivated and greeted me every morning with big smiles.

The programme allows monitors enough free time to travel and explore the Basque Country, which is a brilliant and enriding opportunity. I am very sad to leave my class and I feel that they are too, as they made me goodbye cards!

My students enjoyed the range of activities that we did, particulalrly outdoor games and arts and crafts and I truly believe that they have learnt something this summer”. Louise Evans –Enjoy English 2015-.

"I have to say that my experience was really a fantastic one! I have enjoyed the whole month from teaching the kids, being with the family and visiting the Basque Country with other monitors. Before coming, I was very nervous about teaching and getting on with the family but as soon as I started the month I felt very comfortable and happy. Teaching the children was fun, interesting and has taught me a lot about what it is to be a teacher. The children were always motivated and polite most of the time, and always tried to use English when they could. Overall I am very happy with the month and if possible would most likely want to come back next year to teach again! " Jessie Wiltshire –Enjoy English 2014-.

"I returned to Enjoy English this year as I enjoyed the experience so much last year. The Basque Country feels like my second home now and I am so pleased I could return to my family and ikastola. Teaching has been challenging this year but I have got a lot out of it and feel my experience has broadened further having taught the youngest Enjoy English participants. Many of the children were very enthusiastic to participate and soon found their favourite games /songs/activities. The programme is very clear, varied and easy to follow and I enjoyed adding my own touch, as well as giving the children outing days to local parks. If I could, I would come back to Enjoy English every year; it is so welcoming and the programme is one of the best I have ever had the chance to take part in. The people, the ikastolas and everything else about the Basque Country will make me return." .” Emily Rack –Enjoy English 2013 and 2014-.

"I found the experience immensely enjoyable, if at times challenging getting to know the children. Looking back, I think that the most enjoyable experience of the programme was definitely the show. It was great that the children were able to showcase what they had learnt over the programme to their parents. At times, the children were challenging, it was a struggle to ask them to communicate with me in English. However, taking into account their age and that it was their first time participating in the programme, I was really pleased at how much they seemed to be enjoying themselves, and how much they progressed! I think that Enjoy English is an incredibly successful programme!" Alice Trotter –Enjoy English 2014-.

"I have again enjoyed teaching English in the Basque Country and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. My family have been especially welcoming and trying to teach me Spanish which has been incredibly helpful outside of the school. I really enjoyed meeting other members of their family and the cultural exchange that came from that. My students are lovely and very enthusiastic about learning English and they kept giving me and the other two monitors presents of loom band bracelets! My class was quite a big class of 16 pupils and their knowledge of English did vary quite a bit and it took me a while to learn all of their names! My favourite experience at the school was teaching the children “Bear Hunt” and then not reciting it with them and noticing that they keep going and know it really well! I thought that the programme was really good and varied for the children and according to the parents the children have enjoyed it a lot more this year and want to go back again next year. I would highly recommend this programme and I hope to repeat the experience for a third time next year." Rachael Crabb –Enjoy English 2013 and 2014-.

"To begin I would like to say that I have had a fantastic time in the Basque Country over the last five weeks. I credit this to the Enjoy English programme, my coordinator and the wonderful family that I stayed with. The Enjoy English programme offers the unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Basque culture and get to know Basque people in a natural and welcoming environment." Mary Claiton –Enjoy English 2013-.

"I think the overall experience of living with a Basque family and teaching children in the local Ikastola is an excellent experience and one that stays with you and it definitely better informed me on the life, culture and history of the Basque people which is one that is layered and very interesting. It is also excellent experience for anyone who is or who plans to be a teacher or work with children in the future." Grace Slattery –Enjoy English 2013-.